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"A truth should exist, it should not be used like this. If I love you is that a fact or a weapon?" Margaret Atwood


You know what our problem is?


We’re so used to winning during this era
That we can’t understand it when we lose lol
We’ll be fine guys
Many teams go through this, but their fans remain
Look at the Browns
Despite their tribulations, their fans still support them
We need to be that type of fan base. The one where even when there’s no hope, we make our own. We trust and believe that one day, maybe not today or even tomorrow, but one day, it’ll all come together.
Chin up loves, we’re gonna be alright

oh my god, for fucks sake, jimmy is good and i have high hopes for him in the future but jimmy g was not playing “better than brady”. he did really well but come on now. we took brady out so he wouldn’t get hurt because that game was fucking over.  jimmy did great (though, lbr, the defense might have eased up because they didn’t think anyone was still, like, going for it) but like. we are not going to bench tom brady permanently.  what we are going to do is lose him. did you see the look in his eyes? they traded off all his teammates for not taking pay cuts, no one on the o-line trusts each other, everything is gone to shit.  his contract might not end until like 2017 or some shit but mm. that was not the look of a man who wanted to retire a patriot.  and, no, he’s not what he once was but a declined tom brady is still an excellent quarterback, lbr. he’s not useless. he’s just. reaching the end of his career. life after brady. it’s a weird thought.

you don’t have to like tom brady but that man can play some goddamn football and always has been able to. And FO is letting him take the shit for their mistakes. it makes me so angry that one of the greatest QBs of all time is going to go out with this tarnish on his reputation. he only has a few years left to play, they should be surrounding him with brilliant talent, fuck the price tag. he has been so amazing, so loyal, he brought this franchise back to fucking life and lead them to victory. he has spent all of his career being amazing and he’s such a clutch player. i just. it makes me so sad to see all this “bench tom brady” business for one bad game. yeah, no, it wasn’t the most brady i’ve ever seen brady and that loss hurt like a fucking razor blade to the eye but. 

this is my team and i will fucking support them if we go 2-14 for fucks sake. everything is awful right now but play as a team, win as a team, lose as a team.  and right now they are losing. as a team.  but they’re still my team. 

This is not the brand of Patriots football we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in Belichick’s 15 years as coach.

Well. That was truly truly awful to watch. Good hustle, guys. Way to be really awful on offense, defense, special teams, you name it. My poor things. Practice hard. Next week is a new game.


Did we have a defense or was that just a dream I had…?


Nicholas Hughes - In Darkness Visible, Verses I & II (2005-7)

No lightbut rather darkness visible—John Milton